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Due to the inherent risks of disclosure with regard to transmitting PHI via text message, the best approach for practices and institutions that allow PHI to be sent via text message is to utilize encryption technology.

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Finally, health departments could be provided with suggestions to reduce risks at the health department systems level such as recommendations for double entry of cell phone numbers when clients opt in to a program.

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All other trademarks, registered trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective owners. Rune Christensen is a HIPAA IT consultant and healthcare technology expert based in Houston, Texas. Email and text messages can be lost in transmission.

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Information regarding security should be communicated to individuals who receive distance services. The practice may condition receipt of treatment upon execution of this consent. What we help you sort of texting consent form.

If encryption technology is not viable or has not yet been obtained by a practice or institution, physicians or other providers should consider relying on alternate means to communicate with patients.

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Below is a diagram depicting the spectrum of consent processes employed by CCI grantees.

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